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Inspire and contribute to health and wellness.

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Rooted in excellence, The Mint Dispensary is poised to become a vertical multi-state operator that includes all brands, products, and delivery.

We are dedicated to growth and expansion by pursuing continued research and innovative development to create greater awareness and demand for cannabis-based products.

Our company is founded on the critical cornerstone of embracing, empowering, educating, and employing the community we serve.


Retail Operations

We are in no hurry!

Our retail locations are set up so Patients may take as much time as they need.

Yet we are set up to handle large volumes through our efficient workflow systems when needed.

Mint Café

Pioneers in the industry


In addition to giving patients in Arizona the widest array of medicinal cannabis products under one roof, we can now provide fresh meals and food options, which is important for seriously ill patients who are turning to medicinal cannabis to address a variety of illnesses, from cancer and epilepsy to Alzheimer's disease.

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Cultivation Facility

State of the Art

Medical Grade Facility utilizes methods & principles of Controlled-Environment Agriculture (CEA).


HEPA filters, Carbon filters, and UV Light  continuously purify air and prevent odors from being detected outside of facility. 


Automated (hydroponic) fertigation system. Fertigation systems pump the nutrient solution through pipes, directly to the roots of each plant. The system gathers information to inform us on how best to fertilize and irrigate out plants. Sensors connected via a network, precisely measure the moisture level of the soil or substrates to determine when irrigation is necessary. Everything is logged and charted so we condense the manpower and are able to grow bigger and better plants with a process that is easily scalable.


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